10 Surefire Signs That He's Just Not That Interested

Eloise Grace

Not knowing if your guy is interested or just not that into you is one of the most stressful aspects of dating. Sadly, when we want something to be true badly enough, it may be quite simple to convince ourselves that it is, and we fail to see the possible signs. Even if there are far more indicators that the guy doesn't like us back, there will always be tiny things here and there that we may read as evidence that he does when we like him.

Understanding exactly how to tell whether a guy likes us will enable us to read between the lines and determine where the two of us stand. However, it's not always as simple to discern if a male likes us as we'd like it to be, so learning to recognize the subtle indicators a guy loves us is essential, especially if we want to play the dating game with style or are seeking for real love.

01. Noticing him flirting with other Women.

If your boyfriend hasn't let go of his flirty behavior after a few dates, it might be because he isn't as involved in the relationship as you are. This is probably bothering you more than you're letting on, so be honest with yourself about whether or not you believe it's right for him to do that before deciding whether or not to continue the relationship. He's probably not giving it much consideration, so you shouldn't, either. After all, flirting is normal in some situations.

Some folks just have flirtatious tendencies. They flirt with everyone, it's just their way of communicating. When a guy actually likes you, he will act differently around you.

02. Never starts a Communication First!

We all attempt to be cool when we like someone, but most of us—male or female—tend to fall short. A guy who likes you will be eager to chat to you and will reach out to you anytime he has a free moment. If he likes you, he will have you on his mind and inquire as to whether you have him on your thoughts.

However, if you are usually the one to make contact, it indicates that while he is willing to talk to you if you do, he is not eager enough to spend time with you.

03. Cancels your Dating Plan Often.

If the two of you are dating and he is really interested in you, he will enjoy your company. When you discuss a date with a guy and he keeps coming up with excuses, you should start to wonder why. If a guy is sincere about wanting to go on a date, he will make time, or if he can't, he will suggest another time. But it's a definite indicator that the guy has lost interest if he keeps canceling on you and doesn't make an effort to reschedule for the very next chance.

04. No Sign of Possessiveness

A guy who is interested in you will be extremely sensitive to competition. He might not charge off and vow to attack any man who gives you a glance. However, a man who is interested will pay attentively when you mention another man and act possessively.

When you mention plans with a male friend of yours, see how he responds. He is possessive if he turns his attention to you right away and starts to interrogate you. But if he doesn't seem to care, that's one of the obvious signals he's not really into you.

05. Neither introduces his Friends’ nor get introduced to your Friends’

He hasn't made an attempt to meet any of your closest friends, nor has he tried to introduce you to anybody who matters to him. He may not be interested in a long-term relationship if he makes an effort to keep you apart from his buddies and doesn't seem eager to meet the potential partners you're always gushing about.

06. Not trying to listen to things you say.

You feel like he is on another planet or has his face buried in his phone while you are around him, which isn't very often. Does he listens to you? However, if you think he isn't, you are probably right. You can attempt to ascertain whether he is by testing him, but most of the time you'll simply end up becoming annoyed with his disinterest in your chats. Therefore, if he is not paying attention, it can be a hint that he does not respect you. If you think he won't listen to you, it's best to find another person to talk to.

07. Doesn’t share anything about his Personal Life.

He doesn't share many personal details with you or show you much emotion. One of the surefire signs that "he's just not that into me" is true is when a man does not open out to a woman and never shares sensitive and personal information about himself.

08. Interested in you only for Intimacy.

He might not answer the phone when you call, but when he's feeling sexy in the middle of the night or on a random evening, he definitely does remember who you are. Outside of the bedroom, it is impossible to guess his intentions. Invite him to a meal or movie where attire is required to see if he agrees to it as a test to see if he would accept it. He will say no if he's only using you for sex.

09. Treats you same as everyone.

There is a difference in how a person behaves around you when he likes you. He has a varied personality, various gestures, and different vocal tones. Even if the differences are slight, they will nevertheless exist. When you consider it, this makes sense. You put yourself in the best possible light when you like someone because you want them to like you back. If you notice him treating you same as everyone that makes sense that he isn’t really into you.

10. Never tries to impress you.

How can you tell if someone likes you? They make an effort to impress. He won't give a damn about how he comes across to you. He won't try to act enthusiastic in your presence. If he is really into you, he’ll make you impressed and happy in all possible ways he could like bringing you flowers, buying your favorite food, taking you out on dates and so on.

In conclusion, a girl would definitely have this question when dating someone, ‘Is He really into me?’ One of the most difficult things of dating is not knowing if your partner is interested or just not that into you. Unfortunately, when we want something to be true badly enough, we may easily convince ourselves that it is, and we miss the red flags. Even if there are many more signs that the person doesn't like us back, there will always be small things here and there that we may interpret as proof that he does when we like him. So if you notice any of the surefire signs, he’s definitely not into you!

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